How the Food Industry Continues to Make People Fat

It has always been said that the lack personal responsibility is responsible for the obesity problem in the world today. It may be true on an individual basis but on a general population of millions (like a whole country) certain trends make the individual’s decision irrelevant.

You can’t for example, solve America’s burgeoning waist line by telling people to just “take responsibility.” Personal responsibility is not match against the food industries potent weapons.

Read on to find out several things about how food industry has prevented normal people like you and me from becoming healthy and fit.

Processed Food Too Cheap

Common sense dictates that anything processed from its original form to another will cost money. That would mean that a raw potato per gram would be cheaper than a similar sized bag of chips. However if you have ever browsed around the grocery aisles you would notice that junk chips costs cheaper per calorie or per gram that a healthy potato.

This is one of the problems in America today. It is much cheaper to live on a diet of processed junk food with load of carcinogens than it is to eat unprocessed food in its natural form. The faddish “organic stuff” costs too much for an average Joe to subsist on. So a poorer family would most likely end up getting most of their calories from processed food.

Fast food rules the obese majority

They say that the original McDonalds serving size is now the new Happy Meal. That means that our kids are taking in calories that an adult would have a hard time consuming. Aside from that fast food is virtually everywhere. In a big city a typical adult will have at least eaten one meal a day on fast food chain.

Fast food stalls often combine the killer combo of deep fried food with pitcher sized sugar laden drinks. It is not rare to find fast food combo meals totaling 1000 calories! In fact if you add large drinks and supersize your fries that will amount to 1500 calories on some meals!

Marketing to Kids

Like the tobacco industry exposing young kids to cigarettes through toys and TV, the food industry also applies this strategy. Virtually all the big burger chains have “Kiddie Meals.” At such a young age children are exposed to this kind of unhealthy food. This was not meant to be a “treat” for kids. But a perfectly crafted plan to have kids get used to the idea that fast food is going to be with them for life.

Unbeatable Marketing

Aside from the marketing to kids, fast food companies pour millions into marketing to adults. Even the toughest person falls to the fast food temptation. It is everywhere: your TV; Magazines; Emails; Internet Ads. One man can only do so much to resist the master plan of food companies.

All the reasons above cause America’s and the world’s waist lines to balloon. Obesity is an epidemic that can be stopped. But the general population has little chance to create healthy lifestyles for themselves if things are to remain as they are.

Try and shut yourself out from the world of the food industry. Know that each one of us is target to their marketing campaigns. Invest in your health and eat processed food sparingly. Make exercise a lifestyle and get the best product for your fitness level.